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Program Overview:
5S is the first step towards TQM. It is also simple and a powerful performance improvement tool that outlines the five steps in creating workplace organization viz; sort, set in order, shine, standardize and sustain.

The 5-S Implementation & Audit Course is designed to give you the relevant skills and knowledge to carry out audits of the 5-S principles internally and externally. This concept also helps the organizations to build a culture of continuous improvement, while maintaining a quality management environment.

This course aims to develop skills and expertise needed to audit, as well as to manage work place management system audits effectively.

The objective of this course is:
• To build the required skills, capabilities and competencies for carrying out audits on 5S practices in an organization and evaluating the status against established benchmarks.
• To make the participants of this course understand clearly the concepts of 5S Workplace Management System against the backdrop of globalization and the necessity of industries to adopt 5S as the foundation of further activities leading to growth and achieving excellence.
• The training course will also provide both technical knowledge and practical skills essential to become a competent assessor of 5S practice

After completing the course the participants will be able to:
• Understand in-depth the principles and objectives of 5S
• Perform 5S Critical Analysis
• Implement 5S in their organisation effectively
• To enable the participants to plan, prepare and conduct the third party external audits and internal audits of 5S Practices.

Programme Contents:

Time Activities Activities
09:00 am – 10:40 a.m. Introduction of 5 ‘S’ + 6th ‘S’ through 4 W’s & 1 H + Uses + Benefits of 5 S + 6th Practiced Globally in All Industries. Questions & Answers, Listing of Real Issues & Challenges
10:45 am – 01:00 pm
Concept Clarity of 5 ‘S’ + 6th ‘S’: Sanitizing + Sorting + Systematic Arranging + Standardization + Self Discipline+ Safety at Work- through Tracking & Recording System: Real Cases + Photos: Before & After Learning
Real Data + Analyzing + Needs of Doing + How to Apply at Work Stations + Consequences of Not Applying 5 ‘S’ + Feed Back from Customers + Audit-Internal & External + Questions from Participants & Views of Participants & Answers by Resource Trainer. Preparing Flow Diagram of Material & Recording: Receipt to Q.A. Checking to Manufacturing to Storage to Scrapping to Supply to Acceptance Customer.
01:00 pm – 01:45 pm Lunch Break
01:45 pm -02:45 pm Apply 5 ‘S’ + 6th ‘S’ & Achieve Production Feasibility Agreement & Production Readiness Review + Standards Submission + Reviewer’s Checklist + Simulated Case Working + Questions & Answers Registration-Post Lunch + Recap of Pre Lunch Session:
Group Working for Techniques of Applying 5 ‘S’ + 6th ‘S’ +Red & Green Tagging & Listing + Setting Up of: Precise Location & Identification Tracking System in applying for Preventing Error/s.
02:45 pm – 03:30 pm Understand: Muda + Mura + Muri + PDCA & SDCA: Applying at Manufacturing + Handling + Issuing + Dispatching to Customers. Validation thru Real Time Cases Design & Setting Up of: Control Plans + Auditing & Reporting + Acceptance Criteria + Qualified Q.A. Lab. & Documentation
03:30 pm – 04:00 pm Drafting Lessons Learnt during this Training + Preparing; Group + Personal Action Plan & The Way Forward in Standardizing & Sustaining Prevention of Deviations : all in Written Formats and Signed Off by Participants

Who should attend?
• Those who require knowledge of 5S Auditing Process
• Those who manage and execute the 5S Audit within their organization
• Existing 5S auditors who wish to enhance their auditing skills
• Operation/Production/Quality Managers, Production Head, Engineers / Industrial Engineers, Process Owners, Machine& Equipment Operators, Supervisors, Officers or anyone interested in Quality Improvements.

Medium: English/ Hindi/ Marathi

Fees and Registration:
● Rs. 2,000 + GST 18% per person.
● Rs. 1,800 + GST 18% per person for a group of Three to Four participants.
● Rs. 1,600 + GST 18% per person for a group of Five or more participants.

 Mode of Payment: NEFT/ Gpay/ Cheque
 Please write to email: iitdpune@gmail.com; rajiv@iitdworld.com or Call /WhatsApp on 9822089898 / 8308459802, mentioning the name of participant, Mobile no, email id, company name with GSTIN.
 Soft copy of Course Material will be emailed.

Digital Certificate of Participation will be provided to all the participants.