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Corporate professional communication is about more than just exchanging information. It’s about understanding the emotion and intentions behind the information. Employees must be able to build client relationships with various customers, so that, ultimately, they enjoy positive experiences and help in business growth. Apart from that, clearly convey a message you need to and also listen in a way that gains the full meaning of what’s being said and makes the other person feel heard and understood.

The professional communication session is important to help build relationships with customers and understand their needs and desires. Emails are important as they reflect the culture of the organisation.

The session will focus on enhancing communication skills for employees and focus on presentations and public speaking skills which are very useful in many aspects of work and personal life. Advanced communication skills are important in business, sales and selling, training, teaching, lecturing, and feeling comfortable speaking to a group of people. The session helps participants to provide a framework to learn the importance of communication which will help and support participants in developing the skills required for higher performance at work.

Communication Skills:
Most common communication methods
7 C’s of communication
Essentials of communication
Internal and External communication
Barriers of communication
Understanding Customer’s expectations post COVID-19,
Communication expectations in the ‘new normal’ – how to meet these expectations
Employee fears post COVID-19 and how to overcome the same
How to develop positive attitude and your smiles from behind the mask
Body Language and why it is important
Elements of body language
Listening skills
Group Exercise on Communication – Task based activity, to develop the understanding and importance of effective communication.

Email Etiquette:
Composing effective emails to achieve their purpose
Organising content in a logical, reader-friendly structure
Adapting emails to different audiences and situations
Writing specific messages and building a relationship with the reader
Useful phrases used in modern business email writing
Writing to disagree: dealing with disagreements with others
Persuasive Writing: Making a strong argument based on facts

JOHARI Technique – helping people understand their relationship with themselves and others, communicating better and working as a team

Group Exercise on Self-Assessment
Identifying the best attributes required in ourselves by JOHARI Technique

Learning Methodologies:
Presentation, Videos & Experiential Activities.

Who will benefit?
Working professionals in any sector. Aspiring Youngsters, Managers and Professionals. After all, improved communications lead to a better working environment and hence are a direct link to better productivity.

IITD Sr. Expert Faculty:
Highly experienced faculty from Indian Institute of Training & Development will conduct this training. The training sessions will provide participants an opportunity to discuss specific problems with the expert faculty.

Medium: English/ Hindi

Fees and Registration:
Rs. 2,800 + GST 18% per person.
Rs. 2,600 + GST 18% per person for a group of Three to Four participants.
Rs. 2,400 + GST 18% per person for a group of Five or more participants.
Kindly provide details for registration to Email: iitdpune@gmail.com & rajiv@iitdworld.com; Name of the Program, name of the participants, company name, GST no., contact details.

Digital Certificate of Participation will be provided to all the participants.