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Program Overview:
Employee Retention is the most critical factor in today’s business. Better employee retention means no knowledge loss, better operational stability, no learning curve for new employees, no learning cost and many more advantages. However retention is not an easy process for organisations. Many organisations come out with Employee Retention strategy suiting to their environment however a number of times end up in wrong or no consistent implementation. In today’s “war for Talent” world retaining talent is even more important than attracting talent. This programme will reveal what strategy will help to retain employees.

Employee Engagement is a highly misconstrued concept and companies are following a very superficial way of employee engagement which gives a nice to have feeling but miss on retaining talent. Real connect of retention and employee engagement is the key for success. There are many macro and micro factors in engagement which enhances retention.

Session 1 – Pre Lunch
Topic: Retention Strategies and Changing the Mind-set
Introduction to the Topic – Presentation
Management Games- Related to the topic and practical learning
Question answer session- Interactive discussion with questions

A brief of the topic:
Employee retention plays an important role in organizations. We all carry a frozen mind-set which does not change for a long time. We all have the ability to change our mind-set and our core inner beliefs and align it with retention strategies.

It’s important to be able to evaluate correctly what went wrong. To see challenges in the light of positive thinking and try harder to tackle the problem in a different way is essential.

Brief Synopsis:
Open mind-set for retention planning
To deal with setbacks differently
Using positive statements to create change
Taking responsibility for your actions

Session 2 – Post Lunch
Topic: Employee Engagement Action Research
Introduction to Action Research- Presentation
Management Games- Related to the topic and practical learning
Question answer session- Interactive discussion with questions

A brief of the topic:
Action research is the developmental process of following through the idea, seeing how it goes, and continually checking whether it is in line with the set goals. Action research is a form of evaluation. It can be used widely in professional contexts such as mentoring, employee growth and self-assessment.

Brief Synopsis:
Introduction to Action Research
What is action research
How to do action research
The focus of action research
Action planning

Who Should Attend?
Human Resource Professionals
Plant Managers & Head of functions
Project managers & Supervisors
Owners of SMEs & business Establishment
Directors, Businessmen & senior management personnel of private limited companies

IITD Sr. Expert Faculty:
Highly experienced faculty from Indian Institute of Training & Development will conduct this training. The training sessions will provide participants an opportunity to discuss specific problems with the expert faculty.

Medium: English/ Hindi/ Marathi

Fees and Registration:
Rs. 3,400 + GST 18% per person.
Rs. 3,200 + GST 18% per person for a group of Three to Four participants.
Rs. 3,000 + GST 18% per person for a group of Five or more participants.
Kindly provide details for registration to Email: iitdpune@gmail.com & rajiv@iitdworld.com; Name of the Program, name of the participants, company name, GST no., contact details.
All Covid 19 protocols will be followed during the training program.

Participation Certificate will be provided to all the participants.