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Value adding and leading happens only through leadership development for achieving excellence and to ensure business excellence. To achieve corporate goals, leader needs to be a team player. In today’s complex life & work situations, a Leader cannot survive alone. Leadership is a Journey from: Dependency to Independency to Interdependency!

“Leadership is a performing art and collection of Practices and behaviours rather than Positions”- John Wiley, San Francisco. Meeting levels of expectations while preserving values. Leader is expected to help people find what is right instead of thrusting own views.

This Training & Development will be ensured in Workshop Modes by handling Various Business Projects & Assignments & these will focus on achieving the following –
• Learn how to make leading an “Exhilarating” experience to Leader & Team
• Identify Opportunities for Leader & Team: How to Grow, Create & Innovate
• Find causes of: Frustration, Disappointments, Distress, Loss of Meaning, Loose Alignment & Dwindling Trust
• Progress from: Hibernation to Transformation, Preset Notions to Learning by Doing
• Status Quo to Shifting of Paradigm, Stagnancy to Proactivity
• Moving from: I manage to I guide & facilitate, Hierarchical to Role Modelling, Knowledge to Collective Experience & Wisdom
• Understand that Leadership is Readiness: Learn Perpetually + Sharing Benefits of Discoveries, Power Center to Decentralization,
• Encourage Team to: Participate > Contribute > Ask Questions > Exchange Ideas > Create Best Practices
• JIT Profile of Most Suitable Leader: Cost Optimizer + Efficient + Interactive & Collaborative + Consistent + Flexible + Self-Paced & Driven + Result Oriented
• Ensure: Increased Emphasis on Vertical Development & Horizontal Deployment + Shift from Skill Set to Mind Set + Traditionality to Transformation + Collective Leadership
• Convert: Interpersonal Relations into Beliefs, Beliefs shape Attitudes, Attitudes Create Feelings, Feelings Determine Actions & Actions Produce Results
• Know & Implement Collins’ Hierarchy of Leader’s Qualities for promoting: Productivity & Capability, Operate Smoothly in a Group Setting, Competence in Guiding towards Chosen Objectives, Effectively Aligning Vision with Performance Standards, Nurturing & Demonstrating Professionalism through – Humility + Maturity + Giving Credit to Team for Achieving the Goals
• True Leadership is: Influencing to Create & Honor Vision, Develop Risk Taking, Developing People to Utilize Their Own Potential
• Guiding Team to be Alert & in Readiness to Use: Intelligence Quotient = 33 % + Emotional Quotient & Commitment Quotient = 67 %
• Help Team to become own: Strength Finders + Passion Drivers + Go Getters
• Set Out Accountability; for Self & among Team Members
• Create Trusted Atmosphere to Perform with Transparency
• Do Mentoring as an Enabling Technique
• Leader to remove: Apprehensions Doubts Misgivings through Cooperative Collaborative and Creative Culture

• Understand the Need of Constructing a Team
• Identifying the Roles of Leader and Team Members
• Choosing the Interaction Pattern among Leader & Team Members to become a Winning Team
• How to Overcome Blocks, Barriers, Inhibitions, Dis-inclinations in Team Formation
• Chartering the Code of Ethics & Behaviour for Building & Sustaining a Team
• Encourage Value Additions to be made by the Team
• How to Continue to Work Synergistically in-spite of Individual Differences
• Strengthening Qualities & Uniqueness of Team Members
• Understand How to Solve any Problem through Team Support
• Guiding Team to Participate in Strategic Planning for a Business Organization
• Improve implemenatability of Business Plans
• Ensure Performance Management Systems to stay on the Right Track
• Objective is to Formulate Specific Goals into Key Performance Indicators
• Define Roles & Responsibilities to achieve the Mutually Selected Goals
• Develop Skills of Team Members through Self Leadership

To realize Gains from Situational Group Activities, Communicating Vertically & Horizontally is Essential in Principal Departments such as: Marketing, Innovation, HRD, Finance, Operations, Q.A. for achieving Financial Success, Productivity Improvement, Incremental Profits, Sustained Growth.

Salient features of learning at this online training workshop:
Importance of Activating Trust Building Principles:
• Role Responsibilities Tasks Checklist are defined
• Determinants of Leader’s performance traits
• Awareness of Team Culture
• What makes a Leader an Adaptive Achiever

Leader Know: Yourself & Team:
• SWOT Analysis and Designing Winner’s Qualities
• How to overcome barriers in the Path of Progress
• Energizing Self to Master the Achiever’s Techniques

Try out KUBA Strategy:
• Expand: Knowledge, Understanding, Building, Achieving
• How to Cascade Co. Objectives through Hierarchy of Leadership
• How to Integrate Activities Leader & Team towards achieving Goals & Time Limits Leadership Qualities Profiling & Comparing with MBTI Matrix
• Regular Performance Evaluation & Feed Back System

Understand Types of Leadership: Engaging / Distributed / Adaptive / Collaborated.

Power Point Presentations, Questions & Answers, Back Up Study Notes, Puzzles & Quizzes, Self-Awareness Exercises, Role Plays, Brain Storming, Simulation Exercises, Action Learning Demonstrations, Real Cases Analysis, Self & Team Evaluations, Preparing Personal Action Plans, Chartering the Way Forward as Aligned with Company Mission. Fully Interactive & Participative. Need Based as Identified by Company & Participants.

Take aways for the program:
• How to Lead by Customizing to Company Culture
• How the Leader Will function through Shared Purpose & Mutually Agreed Responsibilities
• Learn how to Productively Contribute to Achieve the Desired Goals
• Learn How to Draw Plans + Build Alternatives + How to Execute + How to Assess Self Features
• Adopt a Business Leader’s Code of Conduct
• Learn How to Resolve Differences & Grievances in Teams
• Learn to Use Mutuality with Maturity

Medium: English/ Hindi

Fees and Registration:
● Rs. 2,400 + GST 18% per person.
● Rs. 2,200 + GST 18% per person for a group of Three to Four participants.
● Rs. 2,000 + GST 18% per person for a group of Five or more participants.

 Mode of Payment: NEFT/ Gpay/ Cheque
 Please write to email: iitdpune@gmail.com; rajiv@iitdworld.com or Call /WhatsApp on 9822089898 / 8308459802, mentioning the name of participant, Mobile no, email id, company name with GSTIN.
 Soft copy of Course Material will be emailed.

Digital Certificate of Participation will be provided to all the participants.