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Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T) is an engineers language to communicate among functions such as Design, Manufacturing and Quality Assurance. It is used as a symbolic way of showing specific tolerances on drawings as per technical standard ASME Y14.5M-2009.

This course introduces participants to the GD&T system, providing a working knowledge of the correct interpretation and application of each symbol, general rules, the datum system, and ‘bonus’ tolerance and highlighting some of the changes in the updated Y14.5 standard.

This course is basically designed to introduce the basic concept of GD & T and interpret 14 symbols. Participants will be able to understand Part drawing in a more meaningful way.

Introduction of GD&T (Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing)
Ambiguity & Shortcomings of Coordinate Measuring System
Benefits of Circular tolerance zone over Square tolerance zone
Basics of GD&T terminology e.g. MMC. LMC. RFS, Bonus Tolerance, VCB, RFS, Control Frame
Datums (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary), Simultaneous datums, 3-2-1 Principle
Definition of 14 basic GD&T symbols (Interpretation, Application and Inspection)
Form Controls (Straightness, Flatness, Circularity, Cylindricity)
Profile Controls (Line Profile, Surface Profile)
Orientation Controls (Angularity, Perpendicularity, Parallelism)
Location Controls (Position, Concentricity, Symmetry)
Runout Controls (Circular Runout/ Face Runout, Total Runout/ Total Face Runout)

Who should attend?
This course is ideal for anyone who has a need to apply or interpret geometric tolerances on a product print. Product engineers, manufacturing engineers, CAD designers, quality inspectors, and other engineering & manufacturing personnel. All will benefit from a better understanding of design requirements; improved communication with customers and suppliers. The course is useful for Fresh Engineering Graduates who joined the industry as well as employees dealing with Part Drawings for part development and inspection.

IITD Sr. Expert Faculty:
Highly experienced faculty from Indian Institute of Training & Development will conduct this training. The training sessions will provide participants an opportunity to discuss specific problems with the expert faculty.

Medium: English/ Hindi/ Marathi

Fees and Registration:
Rs. 3,000 + GST 18% per person.
Rs. 2,800 + GST 18% per person for a group of Three to Four participants.
Rs. 2,600 + GST 18% per person for a group of Five or more participants.
Kindly provide details for registration to Email: iitdpune@gmail.com & rajiv@iitdworld.com; Name of the Program, name of the participants, company name, GST no., contact details.
Digital Certificate of Participation will be provided to all the participants.