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Course Description:
This course is designed to meet the requirement of competent auditors referred in IATF 16949. The course includes class room sessions coupled with syndicate group exercises to increase participants participation and thereby increase the awareness of the IATF 16949 standard and improve auditing skills to meet the requirements of Standard.

This course also helps participants to meet one of the competence requirements of ISO 19011:2018 to become an IATF 16949:2016 Internal Auditor.

Course Aim:
Learn how to conduct internal audits of Automotive Quality Management Systems (QMS) using the process approach and risk based thinking to verify compliance to IATF 16949:2016.

Course Objectives:
To increase awareness on IATF 16949:2016 Standard
To enable participants understand Key concepts in Quality Management System auditing
To impart/ enhance practical auditing skills to become certified Internal Auditor
To enable the participants to plan, conduct & manage internal audits in accordance with the principles & guidance of ISO 19011 and requirements of IATF 16949

What will you learn?
Participants will have the knowledge to:
Describe the guidelines of management system auditing according to ISO 19011
Apply ISO 19011 guidelines to auditing IATF 16949
Explain the importance of customer-specific requirements in the internal audit process
Identify the automotive process approach when auditing
Plan and initiate the audit
Prepare audit activities, taking account of customer-specific requirements
Conduct audit activities using the process approach
Prepare and distribute the audit report
Complete the audit

What are the benefits to the participants?
Understand the intent (Goal) of IATF 16949:2016 implementation and auditing
Understand importance of Risk Based Thinking and Process Approach
Develop documented processed & Spider chart base Process Approach model
Interpret, implement and audit IATF 16949:2016 requirements
Perform audit meeting ISO 19011:2018 Auditing guideline and competency requirement
Write audit findings, audit reports & importance points to be observed during audit closure

Understanding the scope of IATF 16949
Understanding the goal of an Organization implementing requirements of IATF 16949
Understanding Process, Process based System, Interaction between Processes and Risk Analysis to Manage the Process (Process Mapping & Process analysis)
Understanding the Key Concept of Automotive Process
Approach and How the requirements must be met within this Process Approach
Understand How Requirements of IATF 16949 can be embedded in the Organization’s Process Description
Detailed Understanding on the intent & requirements of IATF 16949 standard.
Understanding the roles and responsibilities of an internal auditor and learning to plan, conduct and report the audit as per auditing guideline standard ISO 19011:2018
Internal auditing concepts & auditing skills
Understanding on how to distinguish audit findings in to Major, Minor Nonconformities and Opportunities for Improvements

Who should attend?
Anyone involved in the auditing, maintaining or supervising of an IATF 16949:2016 Automotive QMS. Like, Management Representatives, Engineers, Managers who are involved in implementation, improve QMS and its effectiveness, Personnel from Production, Quality, NPD, Supply chain, Continual Improvement, Quality Managers, Middle and Senior level personnel of organization.

IITD Sr. Expert Faculty:
Highly experienced faculty from Indian Institute of Training & Development will conduct this training program. The training sessions will provide participants an opportunity to discuss specific problems with the expert faculty.

Medium: English/ Hindi/ Marathi

Fees & Registration Details:
Rs. 6,500 + GST 18% per person.
Rs. 6,300 + GST 18% per person for a group of Three to Four participants.
Rs. 6,100 + GST 18% per person for a group of Five or More participants.
Kindly provide the below given details of registration on email: iitdpune@gmail.com &/or rajiv@iitdworld.com

Name of the program:
Name of the participant(s):
Participants email id for sending venue details:
Name of the company:
GST number:

Certification: Participation certificate will be provided to all the participants.