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Public speaking is the process of communicating information to an audience. It is usually done before a large audience, like in school, the workplace and even in our personal lives. The benefits of knowing how to communicate to an audience include sharpening critical thinking and verbal/ non-verbal communication skills.

A public speaker has three primary goals when delivering a speech: to inform, to convince and to persuade his/ her audience. A well-crafted speech with these three objectives can benefit an audience with a new set of information or a new perspective, which can boost the speaker’s confidence and create new opportunities.

The main purpose of an oral presentation is to present subject content in an organized, concise and effective manner to a live audience. When delivering an oral presentation, certain challenges require ingenious techniques to engage into an impromptu interaction with the audience members.

This 1 day public speaking & presentation training course will prepare you for delivering live presentations by teaching you skills like how to overcome nervousness, how to boost your confidence, how to read your audience, using icebreakers, how to best interact with questions or interruptions and much more. The Public Speaking course also provides you with valuable presentation skills, including in-depth information on developing an engaging program and delivering professional presentations with confidence and flow.

Course Foreword:
Public Speaking consistently ranks as most people’s top fear. Additionally, an astounding 75% of people suffer from speech anxiety.

Do you want to remove your fear of public speaking, improve your career options, learn to speak with confidence and deliver professional business presentations with impact and ease? Mastering this fear and getting comfortable speaking in public can be a great ego booster, not to mention a huge benefit to your career.

Our Public speaking course was designed to teach people, with no previous experience, how to plan, create and deliver a professional speech or presentation to a live audience.

Whether you are speaking to a handful of people, a small group or a large audience, this course will cover the skills required so that you have a dynamic presence at any speaking engagement.
Audience: We will identify with the audience (your customer/target market).
Purpose: We begin with the end goal in mind of your speech.
Content: We will thoroughly cover what to include in our speech and how to structure it.
Slides: We will discuss making incredible slides using many proven examples and more than 10 different presentation products from PowerPoint to Keynote and many more (this assumes that you have no experience with any of the software products mentioned in this course…many of which are free to use).
Confidence: We will learn how to be in peak confidence mode for your speech!
Delivery: We will discuss how to deliver your masterpiece and using the best body language.
Questions: How to ace the Q&A session of your speech and answer literally any question.
Preparation: How to prepare and be aware so you can deliver a perfect presentation (based on trainers 25 years of giving/ preparing for presentations).
Appearance: What to wear + nutrition tips and more.
Post Presentation to Dos: We will ensure that your speech goals are met.
Resources: Additional materials to help you work smarter and not harder.
Conclusion / Epilogue: Conclusions + Congratulations!

Course Outcomes:
By the end of this course, participants will be able to:
• Analyse an audience and tailor the delivery accordingly
• Design presentations for maximum impact
• Expand on key points to ensure clarity
• Inspect the proposed venue
• Master techniques to overcome nervousness and present with confidence
• Practice techniques that ensure clear, concise and effective wording is used
• Deliver a polished, professional and credible speech
• Handle questions and comments effectively

Who Should Attend?
Any working professional. This course is a practically based workshop designed to teach delegates how to project a more professional image by adding polish, interest and panache to their presentation with the intention of inspiring and creating positive image.
This Development Program is for all, Top & Middle Level Corporate Management Professionals, Plant Heads, Managers, Executives, Supervisors from all functions of HR, Finance, Production, Materials, Supply Chain Management, IT and Marketing who wish to make a significant change at their workplace.

Medium: English/ Hindi.

Fees and Registration:
Investment: Rs. 3,000/- + GST 18% per person.
Incentive: Rs. 2,800/- + GST 18% per person for a group of Three or more Members from the same Organization.

Fees include participation, course material (Hard copies), Breakfast, Lunch and tea / coffee.

Kindly provide below details for registration to Email: iitdpune@gmail.com; rajiv@iitdworld.com
• Name of the workshop:
• Name of the participants with Email ID & Mo. Number:
• Company Name and address:
• GSTN Number:

 Please reply on E Mail – iitdpune@gmail.com or rajiv@iitdworld.com
 Venue may change depending upon no. of nominations
 Pre-payment and pre-registration is required
 Participation fee is non-refundable/ non-adjustable against any other programmeof IITD, but change in nomination(s) is accepted

Invoicing for all nomination(s) confirmed by sponsoring companies will be done compulsorily. Participation fees are non-refundable/ non-adjustable against any other programme of IITD, but change in nomination(s) is accepted.
If by some reason the program gets postponed from our side, we will refund your entire payment.

The participation fee can be paid by way of DD/Cheque drawn in favour of “Indian Institute of Training & Development” payable at Pune or through NEFT.