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Indian Institute of Training and Development (IITD)

Presents One Full Day Interactive program on

Root Cause Analysis and Problem Solving

12 May 2023(Friday); 09:00 am to 05:30 pm

Venue: JM Four Hotel, Shivajinagar, Pune: 411004

Certificates will be issued to the participants!


Fundamental to any continuous improvement program is the ability to determine the root cause of an effect. Root cause is the fundamental, underlying reason for a problem.  The approach should be “Don’t put a bandage on a problem; fix the issue permanently”.

Root cause analysis involves – deploying methodologies to understand the root cause(s) of a problem and verify the same. 8D and A3 problem-solving are universally deployed approaches that are structured to identify and verify the root cause in a scientific manner.

This course will enable participants to understand root cause analysis as a procedure for ascertaining and analyzing the causes of problems in an effort to determine what can be done to solve or prevent them occurring again. RCA potentially leads to saving of time, money, and resources.


  • Understand the basics of problem-solving.
  • What is Root Cause Analysis?
  • Tools/Techniques used in problem-solving approach
  • Concept of Y = f(x)
  • Sources and types of variation
  • 8D problem-solving methodology using a case study
  •   D0 – Implement ERA (Emergency Response Action)
  •   D1 – Establish the Team
  •   D2 – Define the Problem
  •   D3 – Develop Interim Containment Action
  •   D4 – Root Cause Analysis
  •   D5 – Identify Permanent Containment Action
  •   D6 – Implement Permanent Containment Action
  •   D7 – Define and Plan Preventative Action
  •   D8 – Congratulate the team
  • A3 problem-solving methodology using a case study
  • Describe the objectives of A3 problem-solving report
  • Characteristics of A3 Problem Solving
  • Explain the A3 problem-solving process
  • Provide a deeper insight into various sections of A3 problem-solving report and the application of key tools to complete those sections like
    • Forming a Problem Statement
    • Seven QC tools for Analysis
    • Stakeholder Management before implementing Countermeasures
    • SMART goals
    • Solution Selection
  • Know the key points to consider and exit gate questions before completion of each section of A3 problem-solving report
  • Using a case study, complete an A3 problem-solving report



Participants will be working on real-time cases in their industry projects to build RCA approach.

PARTICIPANT PROFILE                         

This course is targeted for people from, engineering personnel, production personnel, entry-level graduates, and those who would like to enter into the field of Operational Excellence. It will also benefit managers and quality supervisors from machine tools, automobile and auto ancillaries, toolrooms, aerospace, and general engineering. 

IITD Sr. Expert Faculty:

Highly experienced faculty from Indian Institute of Training & Development will conduct this training program. The training sessions will provide participants an opportunity to discuss specific problems with the expert faculty.

Medium: English/ Hindi/ Marathi 


  • 3,000 + GST 18% per person 1-3 participants.
  • 2,800 + GST 18% per person for a group of 4 or above participants.

Fees include participation, course material (Hard copy), Breakfast, Lunch – mix menu -veg/non-veg and tea / coffee with cookies.

Registration Details:

Please write to email: iitdpune@gmail.comrajiv@iitdworld.com

  • Name of the program :
  • Names of the participants:
  • Participant’s email id :
  • Name of the company :
  • GST number :

Certification: Participants shall be awarded a certificate of participation from IITD. 

Since seats are limited upto 25 pax, registration is on a first-come, first-served basis. 

Customised In-house Workshops:

We would be pleased to conduct specific in-house workshops for your organisation, if you have adequate number of participants.

For enquiries related to corporate training or group nominations, please reach out to us. 

We look forward to your active participation and nominations.   

With warm regards,

Rajiv Kolhe

Mob: 8308459802/ 9822089898

Tel: 91 20 4120 3985

Website: www.iitdworld.com