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The Training Field can change fast – new methodologies, new discoveries about the way adults learn, changing expectations of trainees and employers!

The best training is that which is learner centric and is rooted in his needs and aspirations. The truth is, very little can be taught and much that has to be learnt. This workshop harnesses this sentiment to provide knowledge and learning opportunities for the participants not only learn the wherewithal of training but also how to keep it alive.

Training is a special skill that can be developed so that organizations can harness and focus the talent, abilities of its personnel. There are some basic questions such as what is training needs identification? What is the role of a trainer? How can he design and deliver need based training programmes? What are the Training Methodologies he or she should use and indeed how to evaluate training?
Whether you have been serving as a trainer for a while or never stepped on to a platform, this Workshop will show you how to strengthen your training competence, engage your audience and leave a lasting impact on those you help to learn and train.

The Workshop is designed to enable organizations to develop their own internal training capabilities so that they can harness better the abilities of their people. It covers both instructional design and facilitation. It is highly interactive and is designed to be a model for participants in how to plan, design and deliver training.

This is very practical, enjoyable and worthwhile Workshop, led by one of the best resource persons in the world, in this area, that will not only help to develop new trainers but also enhance the skills of those who already conduct training.

How Will You Benefit?
• Increase your understanding of & confidence in training adults.
• Increase adult learner motivation, comprehension & retention.
• Make sessions more enjoyable for adult learners.
• Build stronger facilitation skills and leave a lasting impression on learners.
• Gain insight into structuring more effective training programs.
• Gain the latest training methods and techniques. Accelerate the development process.
• Improve retention rates of participants.
• Dry or technical material can be more effectively delivered.
• Add excitement and increase the effectiveness of your training sessions.
• Learn thoroughly the latest steps in Designing Training Programs.
• You may get opportunity to work with IITD, as a Professional Trainer based on your future individual on field performance

Who Should Attend?
This training Programme is for all Executives, Practicing Managers, Facilitators, HR Managers, In-Company Trainers, Sales Trainers, Technical/Functional Trainers and Faculty members from industries and Academicians who wish to improve their training skills to deliver value to their trainees.

Day 1

Classroom & Student Management
• Importance of Effective Teaching
• Power of humor in Teaching
• How to create an environment that motivates and enables students to learn
• Teacher-Student Relationship
• Encouraging development of hidden talents in the students
• Effective Communication with Students
• Understanding & Handling aggressive students

Day 2
Effective Teaching Skills
• Power of Non-Verbal Communication
• Importance of positive Attitude
• Effective Presentation Skills
• Being good role models
• Importance of Voice Modulation & Eye-Contact
• Power of Active Listening
• Personal Presentation Style
• The Art of Effective Self Presentation
• Importance of Personal Grooming

Day 3
Self Management & Development
• Importance of interpersonal skills & leadership skills
• Self confidence & motivation
• Time management & Stress management
• Work-life Balance

Program Objectives:
This program will help the participants
• Develop Effective Body Language
• To Increase their confidence and ability to create and deliver better lessons
• To develop their Teaching skills that makes a Positive Impression and Enhance their Professional Image
• Gain Knowledge, Skills and Techniques to add Quality and Effectiveness in their teaching methods

• Experiential games
• Lectures
• Role plays
• Group work
• Discussions
• Videos

Medium: English/ Hindi/ Marathi.

Fees and Registration:
Investment: Rs. 9,000/- + GST 18% per person.
Incentive: Rs. 8,500/- + GST 18% per person for a group of Three or more Members from the same Organization.

Fees include participation, course material (Hard copies), Breakfast, Lunch and tea / coffee.

Kindly provide below details for registration to Email: iitdpune@gmail.com; rajiv@iitdworld.com
• Name of the workshop:
• Name of the participants with Email ID & Mo. Number:
• Company Name and address:
• GSTN Number:

 Please reply on E Mail – iitdpune@gmail.com or rajiv@iitdworld.com
 Venue may change depending upon no. of nominations
 Pre-payment and pre-registration is required
 Participation fee is non-refundable/ non-adjustable against any other programmeof IITD, but change in nomination(s) is accepted

Invoicing for all nomination(s) confirmed by sponsoring companies will be done compulsorily. Participation fees are non-refundable/ non-adjustable against any other programme of IITD, but change in nomination(s) is accepted.
If by some reason the program gets postponed from our side, we will refund your entire payment.

The participation fee can be paid by way of DD/Cheque drawn in favour of “Indian Institute of Training & Development” payable at Pune or through NEFT.