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A brief of the topic:
The vision and mission statements help to translate the objectives of the organisation into work structures and to assign tasks to the elements in the organisation that are responsible for actualizing them in practice.

Shared values influence everything an organization does, as well as its relationships with stakeholders and its reputation. Values may be expressed as beliefs, guidelines or rules, and may be set out in a code of conduct.

The vision and mission statements define the purpose of the organization and instill a sense of belonging and identity to the employees. This motivates them to work harder in order to achieve success. It gives the right mindset to grow business.

A company’s success, a lot of it, depends on its vision and mission statements. They have certain core elements that drive an organization to the height it aims at reaching. Creating correct statements for your business that suits your trade and work area should be on top priority.

The session encourages the employees to talk through the topic. The training helps managers to build an appropriate organizational vision culture around the vision statement and work towards strengthening the culture. A corporate vision statement gives everyone clarity around the big picture which sets the stage for improved decision-making and targeting the right stakeholders.

Learning Outcomes:
Facilitate Collaboration with stakeholders
Development & Deployment of Vision- Mission- Values
Properly align the resources of an organization
Provide Context and Reduce Friction
Provide a Stable Framework for creating Vision- Mission- Values
Inspire People to be Focused and Productive
Determine and implement Performance Standards

IITD Sr. Expert Faculty:
Highly experienced faculty from Indian Institute of Training & Development will conduct this training. The training sessions will provide participants an opportunity to discuss specific problems with the expert faculty.

Medium: English/ Hindi/ Marathi

Fees and Registration:
Rs. 2,800 + GST 18% per person.
Rs. 2,600 + GST 18% per person for a group of Three to Four participants.
Rs. 2,400 + GST 18% per person for a group of Five or more participants.
Kindly provide details for registration to Email: iitdpune@gmail.com & rajiv@iitdworld.com; Name of the Program, name of the participants, company name, GST no., contact details.

Digital Certificate of Participation will be provided to all the participants.